Recent & past recordings are available for sale. All CDs can be ordered online, or by printing out the attached order form. Most of the music can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora or Amazon Music.

Out of My Dreams Out of my Dreams - NEW! - 17 tracks of new, original accordion solos from Dan Newton for you! Bayou Grooves Bayou Grooves - NEW! - Daddy Squeeze gives you a set of Louisiana bayou-style dance tunes.
CAO 10 CAO 10 - CAO's 10th album is a collection of French, Latin, classic American and original sounds featuring accordion, mandolin, guitar and more. Daddy Squeeze Solo Daddy Squeeze Solo - 11 original and traditional blues, rags, jug band and novelty tunes performed on accordion with vocals.
La Zingara La Zingara - a collection of tunes by CAO, reflecting various Gypsy lifestyles. The recording features great music from France, Greece, Mexico, Venezuela, Cabo Verde, Finland and the US. CAO - Berets & Bongos Berets and Bongos - CAO's eighth album is their most adventurous effort, featuring 14 tunes from 9 countries and vocals in 6 languages. Featuring Diane Jarvi's stunning vocals on 3 tracks.
High Top Sneakers Hi-Top Sneakers - Hi-Top Sneakers is a joyful, rootsy romp led by accordionist Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton. Dan showcases his song-writing skills, presenting 13 original tunes. La Vie Musette La Vie Musette - La Vie Musette is a delightful mix of classic, original, and traditional tunes that celebrate the legacy of the musette orchestras that enlivened Paris from the 1920s to the 1940s.
Germaine Germaine - Café Accordion Orchestra’s seventh recording, finds CAO in a particularly sunny mood. Germaine is simply a collection of favorite tunes the band has been performing over the past 15 years. CAO Cinema Café Accordion - Cinema
We all love the movies! They provide us with escape, inspiration, and moments we enjoy reliving again and again.
Le Disque Francais Le Disque Français - The French Disc! - From Café Accordion Orchestra!
Featuring classic selections from the CAO French Repertoire.
On Holiday Café Accordion
On Holiday
More musette and Latin music, with a dose of swing. A musical cruise.
Dancing on the Moon Café Accordion
Dancing on the Moon
French musette, Finnish tango, and Latin rhythms combine on the band's warm and subtle debut release.
Cafe Christmas Café Accordion
Café Christmas
Enough tango, waltz, polka, swing and cumbia to keep you warm through the holidays.
CAO - Live Café Accordion
This collection of CAO live performances features the band performing a mix of favorites, old and new.
Cafe Accordion Solo - 10th Aniversary Café Accordion
10th Anniversary Reissue!
A collection of solo accordion pieces by Daddy Squeeze, including French musettes, Brazilian and Originals.
Jumbo Ya Ya Jumbo Ya Ya

A classic from the past...
Daddy Squeeze and the Doctor Daddy Squeeze & The Doctor
Too Sweet To Die
American Folk, Country and Blues on Guitar and Accordion
You Better Mind Daddy Squeeze & The Doctor
You Better Mind
Featuring: Acoustic Americana,
Blues, Rags, Cajun, etc..