Dancing on the Moon - Café Accordion Orchestra

Cafe Accordion Orchestra - Dancing on the moon

Of "Dancing on the Moon", the Minnesota Daily said "With a somewhat unconventional approach to the craft, and the honest talent to make it all work, CAO proves that bringing back the past doesn't have to be done in an over-exposed, commercial way. Forget all those hip new swing bands with their zoot suits and martinis; CAO is the real deal."

Accordion Players News said "Two words come to mind as I listen to Dancing on the Moon by CAPA member Dan Newton's Café Accordion Orchestra: mellow and hip.".

Dan Newton - Accordion, Vocals, Glockenspeil
Brian Barnes - Guitars
Eric Mohring - Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
Diane Jarvi - Vocals
Gordy Abel - String Bass
Joe Steinger - Drums & Percussion

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Malchow

Artwork by Jim Dryden - Visit Jim's web site!

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