Berets & Bongos - Café Accordion Orchestra

Berets & Bongos

Dan Newton’s Café Accordion Orchestra is pleased to announce the release of their new album Berets and Bongos. CAO's eighth album is their most adventurous effort, featuring 14 tunes from 9 countries and vocals in 6 languages.

Berets and Bongos also reunites CAO with Finnish-American songbird Diane Jarvi, who graces 3 tracks with her stunning voice.

As the title suggests, there is plenty of that familiar French flair, plus Latin heat, Gypsy and swing rhythms, and of course great bongo playing!

Dan Newton - Accordion & Vocal
Eric Mohring - Mandolin, Violin, Mandolin-Banjo, Vocal
Robert Bell - Guitar, Oud, Banjo & Vocal
Erik Lillestol - Bass & Vocal
Joe Steinger - Drums & Percussion
Diane Jarvi - Vocal

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matthew Zimmerman
Wild Sound, Minneapolis, MN
Manufactured by Noiseland Industries, Minneapolis, MN
Art and graphics by Jim Dryden

Artwork by Jim Dryden - Visit Jim's web site!

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