Daddy Squeeze Trio

Daddy Squeeze Trio

Join the Daddy Squeeze Trio (Dan Newton-accordion, Bob Ekstrand-guitar, Tom
Lewis-bass) for some bluesy jug-band and swing tunes, with a few surprises thrown in for fun.

The Trio takes you back to Memphis, circa 1930, with their prohibition and depression-era hokum specialties. The trio kicks off in high spirits with an up-tempo rendition of the Bill Broonzy chestnut Wild About My Lovin’. Classics from Josh White (One Meatball), Sonny Terry (Diggin’ My Potatoes), Bo Carter (Whiskey and Gin), Gus Cannon (You May Leave), and Duck Baker (the hilarious New Righteous Blues) will have you ready to strut your stuff at the local speakeasy. And just to add to the fun, there’s also some Western Swing (Deep Ellum Blues), an early Count Basie number (Kansas City Shout), a French Musette (Volupta), and a Mambo (Patricia). Bob gets to show off his finger-picking chops on a crazy medley of transportation-themed tunes
(Last Steam Engine Train/ Freight Train/ Caravan).

This CD was recorded “live” in a home studio, and captures the real feel of a Daddy Squeeze Trio performance. It sounds so real, you may think the guys are actually in the room with you!

Daddy Squeeze Trio
01. Wild About My Lovin
02. Hesitation Blues
03. Patricia
04. Diggin My Potatoes
05. Kansas City Shout
06. Whiskey & Gin
07. One Meat Ball
08. Transportation Medley
09. New Righteous Blues
10. Deep Ellum Blues
11. Volupta
12. You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back

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Dan Newton - Accordion & Vocals
Bob Ekstrand - Guitars & Vocals
Tom Lewis - Bass & Vocals

Recorded at Armadillo Sound - Minneapolis, Minnesota by Doug Lohman

Artwork by Adrian Lewis

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