Hi-Top Sneakers - Dan Newton

Hi-Top Sneakers

On "Hi-Top Sneakers" Dan showcases his song-writing skills, presenting 13 original tunes and songs that have been among the favorites of his fans over the years. Included are "The Yohnnie B Goode Polka", "Cuppa Java the Size of My Head", and "Say I Do". Dan also covers songs by the Memphis Jug Band (The Downtown Strut), Pete Kozak (Under the Table Again) and Dr. John Walker (Put Your Snout to the Spout).

Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton with special guests:

Pat, Donohue, Steve Kaul, Jon Rodine, Brian Wicklund, Gary Raynor, Bob Ekstrand, Tom Lewis, Clini Hoover, Marc Anderson, Tom Wells, Karl Smelker, Dehl Gallagher, Elizabeth Rowan, Matthew Zimmerman

Recorded at Wild Sound Studios - Minneapolis, Minnesota by Matt Zimmerman

Artwork by Jim Dryden - Visit Jim's web site!


Hi-Top Sneakers
Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton
01. Hi-Top Sneakers
02. Brand New Fiddle
03. Downtown Strut
04. Say I Do
05. Cuppa Java the Size of My Head
06. Elizabeta
07. Rattle Them Bones
08. Red Head Woman
09. Put Your Snout on the Spout
10. Under the Table Again
11. Piedmont Stomp
12. Cumborro
13. Another Cuppa Coffee
14. Latin Quarter
15. Got My Cheap Suit On
16. Yohnnie B Goode Polka

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Dan Daddy Squeeze Newton: Hi-top Sneakers

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It's hard to imagine a bad time with Daddy Squeeze (a.k.a. Dan Newton) in the house. On his latest, the Minneapolis accordionist is joined by 14 of his closest pals.

- Dirty Linen, 2008

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Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton knows most music fans just want to shake their butt, and he’s happy to help on this rootsy solo CD, showcasing the good-natured humor and world-music mastery that has made him the Twin Cities’ go-to accordionist.

- Minnesota Monthly, 2008

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