Jumbo Ya Ya

Jumbo Ya YaJumbo Ya Ya means Big Fun! They play Zydeco, blues and swamp pop the music that was born and raised in and around the Mississippi River and Delta. The idea behind the band's repertoire was to play the kind of music one would have heard at a high-school prom in Louisiana or Mississippi in the early 60's. This would include groove-heavy covers of such legends as Clifton Chenier, Muddy Waters, Cookie and the Cupcakes, Howlin' Wolf, Clarence "Bon Ton" Garlow, Boozoo Chavis, and Professor Longhair, too name only a few.

accordiionJumbo Ya Ya's members combine years of experience playing wide ranging styles like Zydeco, Cajun, Country Swing, Blues, Ska, Jazz, and Ragtime to bring fresh life to traditional dance numbers as well as performing exciting originals. Formed in January of 1991, Jumbo Ya Ya has received rave reviews from listeners, dancers and promoters ever since. The Group reels and shuffles its way through Cajun stomps, bluesy Zydeco, Texas Swing, New Orleans 2nd Line and on occasional Tex Mex Polka, or Cumbia, always eager to keep their audience on the dance floor. With all this big fun, their message always comes through loud and clear, "Everybody Dance!"

Daddy Squeeze - accordion and vocal
Dick Danaher - reeds, piano, rubboard & vocals
Tom Lewis - bass and vocal
Joe Luoma - drums and vocal

Recordings: "Jumbo Ya Ya"




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