Crumbs R Us

Have a Cheap Suit Party with Crumbs R Us!

Daddy Squeeze presents Crumbs R UsCrumbs R Us plays the music of the 20s and 30s on accordion, Hawaiian guitar, musical saw, banjo, ukulele, tuba, mandolin, percussion, and dueling turntables. A performance by the band is called a Cheap Suit Party, and the musicians, as well as the audience, are all encouraged to dress appropriately. (Whatever that means is open to interpretation!) They pay tribute to the repertoire of the cult-favorite band R Crumb & the Cheap Suit Serenaders, using a set-list inspired by collectible 78-rpm records.

In addition to the live musical performance, an evening with Crumbs R Us includes old records spun on an amazing contraption called the Ancient Mix-Master, a 78 record player with 2 turntables and 3 tone arms! Also featured by

Crumbs R Us are samples from a massive collection of comic books, posters, and record covers created by R Crumb, the brain behind Zap Comix and the original Cheap Suit Serenaders.

The music played by Crumbs R Us includes vintage blues and swing, fox-trots, hulas, waltzes and ballads. While all of the tunes are great for dancing, crowds have as much fun watching Crumbs R Us as the band has playing!


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