Café Accordion Orchestra

Cafe Accordion Orchestra"As cozy as a Parsian sidewalk café, with music full of French flavor and the occasional Spanish spice"

Chris Riemenschneider - Mpls Star Tribune,
Sept. 2, 2001

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CAO logo"The Café Accordion Orchestra is a dance band for people who still love to waltz and rhumba, an old-school combo. Led by the quietly dazzling Dan Newton, this quintet knows the value of understatement, warmth, discretion, subtlety and easy and genuine swing - not the zoot-suited kids' cliché that's all the rage. "On Holiday" is subtitled "a musical cruise," and the Café Accordion cats make happy stopovers in Paris, Puerto Rico, Tin Pan Alley and the land of Louis Jordan. They'll make your toes tap, your eyes twinkle and your heart long for a shipboard romance..."

Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 28, 1999

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1. Paris Musette
2. Accordion Joe
3. Milagros
4. Fandango do Ribatejo
5. Baiao

"Imagine yourself in Paris sipping espresso at a sidewalk café and listening to a group of strolling musicians. Café Accordion Orchestra can take you there.... With a somewhat unconventional approach to the craft, and the honest talent to make it all work, CAO proves that bringing back the past doesn't have to be done in an over-exposed, commercial way. Forget all those hip new swing bands with their zoot suits and martinis; CAO is the real deal. And you won't be seeing them in any Gap ads, either."

Katherine Kelly/Minnesota Daily, Nov. 12, 1998

"Sit back, relax, pour yourself a glass of something nice and put this disc in the player. Or, better yet, clear the floor for dancing. The Café Accordion Orchestra...will gladly transport you to another time, another place.... For the fan of fine accordion music, this is a must, and if you don't like the much maligned squeezebox, this recording could very well convert you."

SingOut! Dec/Jan '96-'97

"The recent boom in world music has brought a lot of new sounds to U.S. listeners' ears. But the Café Accordion Orchestra plays the kind of gentle, enticing, low-volume world music that Americans already knew about in the Kennedy era: waltzes, French Café sounds, bossa novas, sambas and tangos."

Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1993

"Two words come to mind as I listen to Dancing on the Moon by CAPA member Dan Newton's Café Accordion Orchestra: mellow and hip."

Julia Cortinas/Accordion Players News

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